1. Here Lies Haunter

    It’s been almost six years since Haunter was born in a dusty, smoky jamspace in the West End. Years of loud shows, long nights, and last calls. Years of making and hanging out with the best friends we’ve ever had the pleasure to meet. Traveling the country together. Getting drunk and eating pizza together. Making noise.

    But nothing lasts forever, and so we’re packing it in. It’s been great. It’s hard to predict how a project will evolve over so much time - I don’t think any of us imagined how many cool things we’d get to do just playing music we wrote. We got to play with some of our favourite musicians, go to parties with free food and drinks, climb mountains. We put out some records we’re really proud of. 

    But it’d be terrible of us to check out without playing one more show, so we’ve booked the Windsor for November 29th. That’s the last Haunter show. It will be a big, huge party. We want you all to come, because playing music would’ve never been as fun as it was if you weren’t there. Just remember, it’s a wake, not a funeral. Everyone should act accordingly.

    This isn’t so much a goodbye as a ‘see you later.’ It’s not like we’re all just quitting music. You’ll still see us around, in all sorts of awesome projects. Music is too fun to just stop altogether.

    A list of thank-yous would be too much and take too long to write. So to all of you, who know who you are, thanks for everything. It means a lot.

    Save the date: November 29th at the Windsor. Bring the party. One last last call.

    So long and thanks for all the beers.




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